Four years degree programs offered by universities used to be the only criteria for students eligibility to start their professional career. For which they had to visit university campuses to attend classes despite of weather, travel or their odd jobs barriers for four consecutive years. Due to resource and capacity limitations, universities were also bound to offer very limited programs. These limitations used to cause students to travel other cities or even countries to pursue the study in programs they want to excel in, which required lot of money.

Universities are now focusing more on the trends of online education and offering online programs to facilitate students internationally rather than traditional methods of education. It has improved their cost effectiveness and has open gates for them to offer more program with accordance of latest trends and students need by remaining in their existing resources and capacity. Students can now also take specific certification courses online in the field from neurosciences to meet the requirement of their career growth. Expensive textbooks which were required in courses, are now provided online for free by the universities to their students.

Students who are enrolled in online programs don’t need to get ready and visit their university campuses to attend classes in traditional manner. They can now save their traveling money because lectures are now sent to them via email or uploaded on their university portals. They can watch, listen or read them and can get started on their assignments. Students now don’t have to leave from work early, go through traffic jams and compromise their family engagements.

Interaction in online programs seems much effective, as students who are shy and reluctant in face-to-face interaction can now easily chat or email their feedbacks comfortably. It is also easier to concentrate, there are no other students other activities going on to distract them. Student can now close their room doors, take classes online in their comfy pajamas without any distraction.