The technology has helped our society in so many ways by reducing communication distances around the world. From online shopping to e-commerce businesses, internet has played a key role essential for development and growth. Reputed institutions around the globe are also focusing on offering their services online more. The traditional way of learning by visiting campuses to attend classes full of other students is now becoming out fashioned. Many universities and colleges around the world are increasing their educational programs offerings by adding online program features and e-learning without exceeding their budget and resources. Online education degrees are now available in so many disciplines from fashion to engineering, which weren’t previously offered in traditional education system due to institutions’ resource limitations.

The cost of studying in online degree programs is way too less than traditional way studying in Universities’ campus. Also, the cost of living in outstations and traveling to campuses to attend the classes are also eradicated by eLearning. This cost and budget friendly features of online education attracting most of the students to study online.

Flexibility of time and setting the learning schedule with respect to the routine is one of most beneficial factor in online education. Students enrolled in the programs, don’t have to fight traffic jams to attend the classes at campuses on specific time, they can access the online video or audios of lectures from anywhere in the world and anytime of the day suitable for them.

In traditional way of learning, due to large number of students in classes, it is very difficult for students to get individual attention. This can affect the learning efficiency and is difficult to get the clear understanding about the topic. The students who are shy, hesitate to ask the questions in crowded classes. However in online education, students can ask questions live directly, with chat features or by emails for the better understandings.