School of Computer Science

Computer Sciences majors educate students about computer systems and the way humans and computers interact from a scientific perspective.


Computer Science

Computer Science has been growing rapidly and evolving with the passage of time. Furthermore, computer science is applied in every path of life, and it has become one of the core fields which contribute towards the development of the society at large. A degree in computer science is the key to successful career.

Software engineering

Software engineering basically deals with the application of engineering to design, development and maintenance of software. Students are given latest and up to date knowledge about software engineering. A degree in software engineering opens door to new opportunities very quickly.

Information Technology

In Information Technology students are prepared to meet the needs of business, organizations, and other sectors. Students are taught how to select hardware and software by keeping in mind the needs of the organization.

Web Development

Web Development program is designed in such a way that provide students with in depth knowledge related to web development. Students will learn to develop website on the latest platform.

Network Management

In Network Management students learn about the latest practices related to network management. Students will learn how to identify problems and overcome them.


Matt Wilson

"Before teaching at Queensville University Matt worked as senior manager (Artificial Intelligence) at an international organization furthermore, he is currently looking after the information technology department of Queensville University. "

Shella Crain

"She is the Head of Department for chemistry and she looks after all academic operations related to her department. Shella believes in creating a learning environment."

Susan Monique

"Susan oversees the English department at Queensville University. She has a teaching experience of more than 10 years. Prior to joining Queensville University she had been working for various universities and currently she is also a visiting faculty at renowned universities.""

Nellie Mckinney

"Nellie is one the most talented faculty present at Queensville University. Nellie has immense experience in the field of economics. She has been working for various national and international organizations."

Ryan Alexister

"Ryan is a multi sided genius and he has been teaching at Queensville University for more than a decade. Ryan teaches mathematics, statistics, calculus and other subjects related to mathematic field."

Career Prospects

Queensville University 's core competency is in education that makes graduates the first preferences for recruiters all over the world. Over gradutes are working in top notch organizations in the world.

QU offers career counseling services to its students with regards to their education, career choices and employemnt opportunites.

Our experts will match your competencies and interests to the requirements of each field of study and recommend majors that are most suited to you.

Queensville University 's Placement and Internships department regularly posts vacancies in top organizations in the world.

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