Top 3 Online Schools at Queensville University

Queensville University is proud to have its 3 schools ranked among the top online schools! Our schools have received this standing for providing international quality education and by consistently updating the curriculum. All the offered programs at School of Business & Management, School of Engineering and School of Computer Sciences are designed as per the evolving corporate world.

School of Business & Management

Queensville University’s School of Business & Management has attained ranking among the top online schools. The school has been able to reach this position by providing international standard of business education. The curriculum of each program offered is updated consistently, by keeping an eye on the evolving business trends. Our faculty members are also industry-experts, dedicatedly making efforts for the success of students. The standing is justified and appreciated by a number of our business grads.

School of Computer Sciences

Queensville University takes pride in the high-tech systems and innovative approach adopted by the School of Computer Sciences. Their significant efforts and strong commitment has assisted them achieve standing among the top online schools. Computer Science is one of the most profitable domains and hence, our School of Computer Sciences offers the most career-relevant degree programs. The school ensures that students are prepared with the right skills and knowledge to meet the demands of this lucrative field.

School of Engineering

An exceptional community of students, educators and engineering practitioners, the Queensville’s School of Engineering is educating the next generation of engineers to create knowledge and to serve the society. By cultivating and training people who will create solution for the greatest technological problems in 21st century and by contributing to the development of society by innovative ideas, Queensville’s School of Engineering is committed to the healthy growth of nations globally. Therefore, our School of Engineering has attained top ranking for its efforts and commitment.

Meet Our Distinguished Faculty

We have inducted faculty members from different parts of the world. They hold exceptional knowledge and expertise in their respective domains. Our faculty members hold years of experience in teaching and also, have significant industry experience. The instructors at Queensville University are determined and never compromise on the deadlines and class schedules. More than 85% of our faculty members are PhD qualified.

Meet the faculty:

Mr. Raul C. Saephan
Permanent Faculty
School of Business and Management
Mr. Simmon Philip
Permanent Faculty
School of Education
Mr. Williams Long
Permanent Faculty
School of Health Sciences
Ms. Adriana Garcia
Permanent Faculty
School of Natural Sciences